About Us

Creative Life Coaching


Creative Life coaching provides you with a route to link your heart with your mind, in a manner that transforms your passionate aspirations into reality.


We strongly believe that every individual can structure his/her life in a way that allows them to pursue their dreams. Although we do not have control over things that can happen in the future

Control Over Our Emotions

But we can exert control over our emotions and the way we direct our energy towards positive things.

Senior Creative Life Coach

Our senior Creative Life Coach, Jennifer Campbell, an artist and a professional organizer, whose constant efforts laid the foundations of our organization, is living proof that you can change your life in a way that helps you to move in the direction of your aims. Jennifer’s creative life spans over forty years of professional experience in various mediums as an artist. 
Jennifer graduated from Woodbury University, California in BS. Interior Design. She is a successful entrepreneur and her businesses specialize in interior design, clothing design, and decorative paintings. 

assemblage art

Creating assemblage art and found object jewelry, Jennifer has sold her art at fairs and exhibited it at prominent art galleries in some of the western states. She recently published a portfolio book called “HeartWings by Jennifer”, which depicts her assemblage art. She is also credited for making teepees for the feature film “Dance with Wolves”

Welcoming, friendly and amusing, Jennifer has a passion for bringing out the best in other people. She works with her clients to enhance their artistic skills, transform their creativity and teach them to successfully tackle the issues faced by artists.

We are eager to help those who:

  • Are looking to start a career in art or are revisiting their creative lives. 
  • Wants to explore art with efficiency and depths
  • Need assistance in unlocking their artistic abilities and potential.
  • Aspire to achieve clarity regarding their aspirations and transform them into practical steps.
  • Intend to overpower the negative aspects of life and get rid of their insecurities
We want life coaching to be an opportunity for you to take your life from good to great! Dream big, trust your abilities and have faith in God because
“You become what you believe” – Oprah Winfrey